About us

When Diginav began, our founders had a clear vision in mind: to help businesses succeed in the digital age by offering innovative IT solutions and services. They saw a need for expert guidance and bespoke solutions in an increasingly digital world, and they set out to create a company that could meet those needs.

Fast forward to today, and Diginav has become a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes worldwide. Being based in Belgium, we have had the luxury of attracting talent from all walks of life, allowing us to address the current needs of many niche markets.

A foundational belief of our team is to question everything. To dive into the deep end of design and development so that every client experiences a unique perspective on their needs. That way, we can create something exceptional that will help our clients stand out from the crowd.

So if you're looking for expert guidance and innovative solutions to help your business succeed in the digital age, look no further than Diginav.

Our Team

Christoph Ronken

As the chief executive of our innovative team, Christoph enjoys diving into every project and leaving no stone unturned. His ability to drive creative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients is critical to our strategic success. 

Christ-Offert Nsana

With his years of experience working throughout the IT sector, Christ-Offert brings a determination essential to building new value with our agency every day. His attention to detail and never-ending focus helps us grow our client base. 

01 | Expertise

As a provider of digital IT solutions and services, Diginav places a high value on having a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field.

02 | Innovation

Given that we focus on helping businesses succeed in the digital age, we consider staying at the forefront of digital technology essential to offering innovative solutions.

03 | Client Focus

Providing high-quality services and​ solutions to our clients is a top priority for Diginav. That is why we value customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with every client.

04 | Integrity

We know the best way to cultivate collaboration is to remain open, honest, and transparent about o​ur project development and how we work with your team.