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How we make websites

A lot of work goes into making a visually stunning and fully functional website. Diginav actively tries to cater the website development process to the specific project and its goals, needs, and resources. To give you an idea of what to expect, a generic outline of the process could be as follows:

  1. Introduction and discussing wishes
  2. Proactive advice related to design, technology and user-friendliness
  3. Visual website design using wireframes
  4. Development of the website
  5. Finalizing , testing and training
  6. Start of your digital journey, using online marketing
  7. Periodic maintenance and updates


Once your online vision has come to life, it is important to take care for it and nurture it into what it is meant to become. This is a process that usually takes some time, as your online identity will change as time goes by. 

Keeping this in mind, Diginav provides expertly crafted solutions with the future in mind. Our websites are created using robust frameworks and tried-and-tested  integration methods. This, together with routine maintenance and monitoring will easily allow your website to live a long and happy life.

Solution verification

As a client, nothing is more frustrating than a solution that only reaches part of your user base. As your target audience may be using vastly different ways to access your website, it is important to verify that your website works for all of them, and apply modifications when necessary. This can be done by combining a range of testing techniques and practices.  

Using cross-browser verification, we can verify if your website is functional on many different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Besides the browser, also the screen size and resolution between devices can vary. This will result in different visual representations of your website. By actively testing the responsive design of your website, we can verify correct visual behavior.

Using best-practices and cutting-edge techniques, Diginav can proudly offer websites that are accessible and functional for all users, regardless of their device or browser.

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